Parents as Partners

Parents are a child’s first and most enduring educators. it is crucial that, from the start, parents understand that we value their knowledge and understanding of their child.

Building relationships and settling in

The relationship between parents and our staff starts from the very first day your child comes to settle in. Each child and family is allocated a member of staff known to the parent and child as your child’s ‘Key Person’ they will have knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop and with your support, will gain the unique understanding of what your child’s currents interests and needs are.

In order to build an attachment between your child and the Key Person it is important your child recognises your acceptance of the Key Person which will lead your child into having secure confidence with their relationship with the Key Person. Your Key Person will be present at each of your child’s settling in sessions to answer any questions you may have and for you to share your child’s home routine with us, their likes and dislikes and any important information that will help your child settle into nursery.

Sharing information with parents

Talk, Share, Talk some more… It is crucial that we all share information at the beginning and the end of each day. The more we know about your child and the more we share with you about how they have been at nursery, the better we can meet their needs.

Babies under two will have a daily diary which travels to and from home, helping us to pass on information about sleep, food and their general well being.

Your child’s Learning and Development is recorded on an online learning journal. You can access this via an app whenever you like. The app creates a two way communication between us, and you. We can upload secure, flexible media meaning you can see pictures and videos of what your child is really up to at nursery and opportunities to extend your child’s learning at home – you can view next steps and communicate with us whenever you like.

In addition, we hold regular Parents Evenings for you to discuss in person your child’s development.

Parent zone

Our parent zone on our website has a host of information including policies and procedures, uniform ordering, events that are taking place and lots of other useful information. We hold regular Free workshops for parents, including “Emergency First Aid Courses” and other topics of interest that parents have told us about on our regular Parent Surveys.

We are always keen to encourage learning at home and have resources that can be used and returned such as weekend reading books and equipment to promote physical activities.

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