What Makes Us Different

All purpose-built and designed to offer the highest standard of childcare, our nurseries are spacious and carefully planned to stimulate inquisitive minds. Our natural environment, inside and out, ensures that children grow learning to appreciate nature. This is what makes us different.

What Ofsted Say

“Staff listen carefully to children and make suggestions to help extend their play. As a result, children thrive and make first-rate progress in their learning and development.”

Stretch & Reflect

As adults, we can sometimes forget to live in the now, spending too much time worrying about the past and planning the future. Not so for our children! Our daily ‘Stretch & Reflect’ classes are designed to have a calming and positive effect on the children, teaching them to practice mindfulness at an early age. Mindfulness is a meditation practice that begins with paying attention to breathing techniques in order to focus on the here and now, resulting in improved behaviour, attitude and focus and leaving them with a sense of inner peace. This is a life skill that, if mastered at a young age, can have a profound effect on how you live your life as an adult.

Muddy Kitchen

We love mud! Each of our nurseries has an outdoor mud kitchen. It is the ultimate hands-on learning and sensual experience, using hands to feel the texture, eyes to see it and noses to smell it. Research shows that the more senses we use during a new experience, the more we learn from it. Allowing children to get dirty removes physical boundaries, enabling children to completely focus on the experience. Play becomes creative, imaginative and diverse.

But don’t worry, we provide all-in-one waterproof suits to protect their clothing.

Wild Time

At Daisy & Jake, we pledge as much time as we can to being in the wild! Whether it be making cakes out of mud, bug hunting or splashing in puddles – time spent outdoors is time very well spent! Playing outdoors helps children to interact with the natural world and offers more opportunity for creativity and free-play. More importantly, it helps to develop children’s powers of observation and improves their assessment of risk, boosting their confidence as they learn new things. We also encourage parents to swap some ‘screen time’ for ‘wild time’. Even just a small amount makes a huge difference.

Forest School

An exciting outdoor experience for Daisy & Jake pre-school children aimed at supporting children to discover the world and respect the environment.

Ready to Book?

Ready to Book?