Our next trip to India with the Tender Heart Foundation

Aug 30, 2017 | Daisy & Jake in the Community, News

For the last ten years Daisy & Jake have been sponsoring a nursery in India via a charity called The Tender Heart Foundation. The foundation aims to offer a glimmer of hope to street children by providing a basic Early Years education which may lead to acceptance into a primary school at the age of 6 for children who would otherwise face a much bleaker future. The foundation also builds relationships with the local families provides basic essentiala such as food and shelter to these children who otherwise would go without.

Last year our Managing Director, Lisa Collins, travelled to India to visit the school and shared with the teachers the basics of the Early Years Foundation Stage and how it could be used to measure the attainments of the children. During her visit she was overwhelmed by the support that the foundation was offering these children, the poverty and adverse conditions that they faced and the hope that was being offered to them for a brighter future.

This November Lisa will be returning to India with key Daisy & Jake staff including our Prenton Manager Ann and our Moreton Manager Ruth. The main purpose of the trip is to evaluate the progression made since last year and to share further ideas and teaching methods to further improve these children’s chances of integration into mainstream education. In addition to this, they hope to take with them sufficient funds to be able to buy fundamental provisions such as tarpaulin for their shelters, which will have been severely damaged during the recent monsoon season.

The staff members are funding their own travel and expenses, however, in the weeks leading up to their visit we will be hosting fundraising events in the nurseries which we would love you to get involved in. All funds raised from these events will be donated straight to the Tender Heart Foundation to buy these essentials.

Our first event is ‘Pyjama Day’ on Wednesday 13 September: donate £2 and come to Nursery dressed in your PJ’s for the day!

Then in October we are going to be doing a week long ‘Around the World Danceathon’ where all the children will be learning and joining in different dances from countries around the world! This fun, energetic event will take place from 9th – 13th October, and your children can get involved by collecting a sponsor form from their Key Person and getting as many people as possible to sponsor them to dance. Keep your eyes on our noticeboards for more details.


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