Our Pre-Schools in Wirral

Daisy & Jake offer an unrivalled Pre-School for children aged 3 – 5 years. All our pre schools in Wirral have qualified and highly trained staff oversee the implementation of the EYFS curriculum, ensuring all children make excellent progress in relation to their starting points, whilst our pre-school resources, facilities and activities are designed to inspire the children to initiate their own learning and encourage independence in readiness for school life.

When the time comes for our children to move on from Nursery life, the high quality of teaching and wealth of opportunities that the children have experienced, results in them being exceptionally well prepared for their next stage of learning. In addition, our close partnerships with local schools and visits from new form teachers help our confident little learners make a smooth transition to their chosen primary schools.

What Ofsted Say

“Staff listen carefully to children and make suggestions to help extend their play. As a result, children thrive and make first-rate progress in their learning and development.”

Our Pre-School Curriculum

Move to the Groove

A fun, high energy activity set to music that encourages children to be active and interactive while developing their control and coordination.

Sign & Rhyme

Helps to develop children’s early communication and language skills whilst enhancing brain activity and function.

Eco Maths

Children have a natural interest in numbers, measuring and shapes. Our Eco Maths sessions take place outdoors, they use interesting natural materials such as pine cones, different sized twigs and leaves to sort, count, talk about, compare, weigh and measure.

Forest School

A series of outdoor learning sessions offering hands on learning experiences with nature, physical and mental challenges and decision making situations.

Spanish Club

Introducing children to the first stages of a foreign language at an age when they soak it up effortlessly and naturally, instilling a positive attitude towards learning a foreign language and an interest and awareness of other cultures.

Daily Phonics Sessions

Giving children a head start in becoming effective and confident readers through learning letters and sounds.

Ready to Book?

Ready to Book?