Our Philosophy

At our nurseries we love nature and place huge emphasis on first-hand experiences and enjoyment of the Great Outdoors. Come rain or shine, there are new adventures and experiences to be had every day. Children growing up in todays society are becoming more exposed to modern technology and clinical surroundings and are spending less time outdoors, engaged in physical or imaginative play.

We believe it is up to us, as adults, to raise our children to become the best they can be, providing them with the new and enriching experiences and encouraging a respect and enjoyment of the natural environment in which we live.

Our Mission: “Discovering the world, respecting the environment”

Daisy and Jake Day Nursery aims to:

Create opportunities for a child to discover all manner of sounds, sights, shapes and textures both indoors and outdoors.
Encourage children to make discoveries about themselves and the world in which they live through exploration and first hand experiences.
Create an environment which allows children to feel secure and valued. To guide them to be considerate towards others and show respect.
We will listen to children and support their lines of discovery and enquiry. We will add colour to a child’s life by encouraging self expression and imagination.
Provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework

Lisa Collins

Lisa Collins


For years there was a prevailing mind-set that children should be surrounded by busy, bright, stimulating prime colours. Walls, carpets, curtains and even furniture in nursery settings were traditionally green, red, yellow, purple, orange etc. Initially this was how we decorated our first two nurseries, however, research – and in fact trials and observations made in our own nursery settings, demonstrate that in fact the opposite is true. Children have so much new information to take in from their daily observations and activities that additional stimulation from a bright environment can cause them to shut off.

Nature demonstrates a tranquil environment, with vast expanses of oceans, moors, forests, and sky in varying shades of calm colours. It quietens the mind and helps us think clearly. We’ve all experienced the brain fuzz we get when we go shopping, or work in a noisy, busy environment – it can be frustrating and exhausting! The key is getting the balance right – how much stimulation can children have without being overstimulated?

Babies have never experienced most normal every day events happening around them before. It takes all their concentration to simply put one foot in front of another. Neurones in the brain are making new pathways and children are learning all the time. From the age of two onwards they can acquire and retain of up to 10 new words a day… this must be exhausting in itself! Pushing toys and activities on an infant that are beyond their capacity may raise their level of the stress hormone cortisol, which interferes with the brain’s ability to function well. It makes it difficult for them to regulate this busy world and they often become overwhelmed or over-stimulated with too much noise, activity and sensation. Babies and toddlers’ first line of defence against over-stimulation is often to shut down by “staring into space” or sometimes crying when there’s too much going on. We all know that feeling ourselves!

Children simply can’t process everything that is going on around them and need some quiet time. A calm colour scheme in nursery base rooms supports a peaceful atmosphere without too much distraction. Reggio Emilia’s research recognises that ‘the ideal learning environment should not be saturated with colour but should be slightly “bare” so that the best balance is reached when the space is inhabited’.

 As a result of our own internal and external research, we have purposely chosen to paint all our walls a calm, neutral colour, they are not cluttered with posters but carefully planned with boards covered in natural material instead of bright poster paper. Our furniture is wooden and doesn’t detract the mind from the learning that is going on in the room. Our carpets have been replaced from bright colours to beige, calm, warm and easy for a child to associate with “home”. We are creating a balanced environment for children to thrive in.

Instead of capturing the children’s attention with brightly coloured décor and toys, we offer a calm and neutral environment where we can ensure that the stimulation they receive whilst in our nursery is from the carefully planned , age appropriate activities that we engage them in; the sensory activities that challenge their sense of touch, smell and taste; an environment that offers time for relaxation and reflection, and a tranquillity that doesn’t distract from their emotional and social development.

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Ready to Book?